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We present a few examples of Opportunities that are ready to go, have solid financial models, and have access to premium markets in Europe and the US facilitating exports and trade from Africa.

Dream Valley

Dream Valley empowers the agro-industry through an integrated vertical value and supply chain, bridging the gap between input suppliers and smallholder farmers in developing economies all the way to consumers in premium markets.

The global market of high-value fresh fruits like mangos, avocados, citrus, and grapes is over €600 billion a year (exp. 2022) with a 5.7% annual growth rate. Mangos alone are a $60 billion market.

Dream Valley have secured three “basic programs” with leading Supermarkets for the 2024 season with Aldi, Rewe and Coop in Scandinavia. The Total order is up to 6,664,000 kg (Approx Euro 10m).

The immediate need is project funding to enable the rollout of these orders.

The Good Charcoal

The charcoal comes from the Namibian bush in Africa, one of the hottest places on earth. It’s made from Acacia, a denser wood than Oak and Hickory; It burns hotter and more evenly. Therefore, you do not need to use as much charcoal for your BBQ.

Good for the Environment? Acacia bushes make for great charcoal. However, in Namibia, the overgrowth of the Acacia through ”bush encroachment” threatens open grasslands needed for people and wildlife alike. Bush encroachment is also endangering the cheetahs in Namibia that need these grasslands to hunt.

Good for the Community? The Good Charcoal Company is enabling the export of this charcoal to leading retailers in the US. It is seeking to close its Funding round to upscale their operations.

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